The chapter offers a number of ways to stay current on what is happening across the state.  With over 1300 members, we communicate through member alerts, newsletters, legislative updates,  and active Facebook and Twitter accounts.  For those wanting to connect with other pediatricians in their communities, we also provide membership to regional email groups enabling members to share their collective experiences and knowledge.  There is no more important time than NOW to be a part of the Virginia Chapter as so much is on the line for children and pediatricians.

The Chapter Celebrates the Launch of Bridges to Resources VA

The Virginia Academy of Pediatrics is excited to offer a wonderful, free resource to all our providers. It is called Bridge2ResourcesVA. It is a social needs platform that can be easily accessed by linking through the URL code or QR code below.



●        It is free, no hidden fees or surprises

●        Anyone – providers, families, community organizations, schools, etc.- can search anonymously

●        Allows access to local and state social care programs – over 466,000 nonprofits are already listed

●        All resource information is continually updated through full-time Find Help staff

●        For your office, you can print post cards (attached) for families (in English or Spanish), you can print stickers with the QR code, you can put on your website in search box, and you can put on discharge summaries.