The legislative committee tracks legislation relevant to children’s health care and related issues, provides testimony on bills, and proposes new legislation that helps Virginia’s kids.


The Outreach Committee is focused on the development and implementation of systems to enhance information sharing among members and helping to keep an active and engaged membership base.


The chapter’s ambitious agenda and multiple state partners seek to change the face of mental health care across the state of Virginia.  Access to providers and training for providers are a priority.


The pediatric council serves a forum to discuss issues with payers. The council aims to facilitate better relationships between pediatricians and health insurance plans.

Interested in getting involved?  Every member makes a difference.  You can have a role as small or as big as you want!  Our strength resides in our ability to mobilize and work together.  We are a resource for each other.

Find your interest.

Share your skills.

Make a difference.


Contact our Executive Director, Jane Chappell, to find a role that fits your interests and your availability:  CONTACT US