2018 Legislative Survey

You spoke and we listened.  We asked members to rank our legislative priorities and used this information in forming out strategic plan for the next 2 years.  We hope you will help us carry out this plan by joining us in continued conversations regarding the agenda, participating in White Coat Day in Richmond, or sending by us your ideas and proposals for legislation.


  • Access for children and adolescents to mental health services and aid for physicians in finding these services (85%)
  • Reducing children’s risk of firearm injury (48%)
  • Maintain fair reimbursement for pediatricians from Medicaid (36%)
  • Finding solutions for food insecurity and obesity (32%)

Legislative Priorities for 2018

2018 has been a busy year.  Below you will find our current legislative priorities which promise to affect pediatricians and children across the state.

Increase Medicaid Reimbursement

We are working with the Medical Society of Virginia to find a legislative proposal to improve access to physicians as we begin to implement Medicaid expansion by increasing Medicaid reimbursements to physicians.

Step Therapy & Prior Authorization

Prior authorization for drugs and procedures is an issue pediatricians face every day. Two proposals were submitted to MSV asking them to continue to work on improving the process, including the initial authorization process, the appeals process and override process.

Mental Health Access

We are working together with Children’s National and the Governor’s office to improve the education of pediatricians about mental health and increase their access to mental health providers and community resources.


We have been working with the VA Department of Health and the Northam administration to look at ways to update the vaccine schedule to ensure we are in compliance with the CDC and ACIP schedule.

Nurse Practitioner Transition to Practice Regulations

We are currently actively involved with the Department of Health Professions in drafting the regulations around NP transition to practice.