I welcome you to the Virginia Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics,
A professional organization established in 1934 with over 1200 members including general pediatricians, all medical and surgical subspecialties, residents in training, fellows, interested medical students, and nurse practitioners.

We advocate for both the health of children and the well being of all practitioners of pediatrics.

There are benefits at every membership level. For a full accounting of what it means to be a member of the Virginia Chapter I refer you to our Membership video on You Tube.

We do our best to support the health of children and advocate for our profession in these times of rapid change.

Economists refer to these changes as a Creative Destruction of healthcare, but in layman’s terms, it’s better stated as an evolution in the meaning of what health encompasses and how we can most effectively bring all children into adulthood with the optimum capabilities to succeed.

The challenges we face include what classically is considered healthcare, such as the treatment of acute and chronic medical illness, but now we must emphasize preventive measures to treat long-term medical conditions that start in childhood, such as obesity and mental illness that become a large economic burden in adulthood.

The Chapter is also a strong advocate in improving the economic well being of its professionals. It is unfortunate with an aging group of pediatricians approaching retirement with an inadequate number of younger pediatricians remaining in the workforce.

It is impossible to separate the quality and availability of pediatricians from the quality of healthcare and our children’s future.

We need to attract the well-educated medical student to join our ranks by advocating for an appropriate lifestyle for its members. The cost of medical training has unfortunately skyrocketed to the point where many debt-ridden students cannot afford to practice pediatrics as their choice of profession. Improving pediatricians’ lifestyle is an essential part of our mission as we work through our Pediatric Council as liaison to private and public insurance and private industry. We continue to financially support many continuing medical education programs across the state in conjunction with our pediatric medical centers to help reduce CME and MOC costs for our members, and insure a well educated and prepared membership for the future. The chapter is also an active participant in the Medical Society of Virginia, a strong advocate for all medical professionals.

We need your help by asking all pediatricians and allied health personnel to join our society and volunteer through our group directly, or be active in their communities in school health, sports programs, or any other worthy projects advocating for kids.

We need to make our presence known throughout the community, and dedicate our profession to the well being of all children.

If you are interested in joining, or want more information, please contact Jane Chappell, our Executive Director, at jchappell@ramdocs.org

Thanks for visiting.

Sam T. Bartle, MD, FAAP
President, Virginia Chapter
American Academy of Pediatrics.