Pros Corner

PROS is recruiting for SSCIB secondary sexual characteristics in boys and CEASE Clinical Effort Against Secondhand Smoke Exposure. CEASE aims to: 1) test the effectiveness of the intervention for increasing clinicians’ delivery of evidence-based parental smoking cessation assistance 2) test the effectiveness of the intervention on parental smoking behaviors. PROS functions as a pediatric primary care laboratory. The ideas most appropriate for PROS studies are typically encounter-based projects that can capitalize on the network’s size (nearly 700 primary care practices with over 1800 practitioners) and broad geographical distribution (all 50 states and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico).

Physician surveys that do not involve data collection from patients are better done via other mechanisms. Although most PROS projects have been observational studies examining variations in pediatric care and their associations with short term patient outcomes, PROS is now conducting intervention studies as well, and ideas for intervention studies are particularly welcome. PROS has four studies in the pipeline. For more information, contact us at or

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