Request Contribution

Guidelines for Determining Funds to be Allocated as Contributions to Community Based Programs and Services

Who We Are:
The Virginia Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics is a not for profit 501 (c) 6 organization that is a membership based. The VA-AAP’s mission is to promote the profession of Pediatrics and to further benefit the children we serve.

The following guidelines direct the Chapter’s allocation of funds for community based services and programs of other organizations:

Donation Amounts:
Our primary revenue is derived from dues and our non-dues revenue is limited. However, after fulfilling all financial obligations to its members, the Chapter may support other community based services or programs that are designed for charitable, educational or scientific purposes. Support may be provided as cash, in-kind materials, and/or services.

Annually the Chapter develops an operating budget that includes current and proposed member services and activities to be undertaken by the Chapter in the next fiscal year. The operating budget identifies anticipated revenues and projected expenses. In years where the proposed operating budget demonstrates that anticipated revenues will exceed projected expenditures, the Chapter Board may, prior to the formal adoption of the budget, designate a percentage of unspent funds for community support. The amount designated is dependent upon the fiscal strength of the organization and may vary from year to year.

Program Focus:
The VA-AAP has a special interest in supporting organizations in the Commonwealth whose programs support child health and the Chapter Goals in the areas of advocacy, education, health care systems, and membership.

Current areas of interest include:
a. Access to care
b. Dental Health
c. Disaster preparedness
d. Family/child education
e. Immunization
f. Literacy
g. Mental Health
h. Obesity
i. Pediatrician education

The VA-AAP does not have a formal application form; however, all requests must be made in writing and addressed to VA-AAP Chapter Administrator, 2201 West Broad Street, Suite 205, Richmond, Virginia 23220 by May 15th. Five copies should be provided to the Chapter for dissemination to the Finance Committee. The VA-AAP Finance Committee meets in June of every year to review requests for funds.

A request should include a cover letter, an explanation of why the funds are being requested, the specific amount of funds requested and the period of time in which the funds will be used, a description of how the funds will be used (equipment, services, personnel) and the audience to be served and the expected outcomes of the program/ service.

If the request is for continuation of a program or service already in existence, disclosure of all previous amounts/support provided by other granting agencies must be included as an attachment to the request as well as the current operating budget and the most recently federal tax filing and independent auditors report. Additional material may be requested upon receipt of any request or at any time during the review of the request.

The Application must have the following to be considered for funds:

  • Name of organization
  • 501c3 status
  • Fund request amount
  • Period of time in which funds will be used
  • Description of how the funds will be used (equipment, services, and personnel)
  • Audience to be served and the expected outcomes of the program/service
  • Previous amount/support provided by other granting agencies
  • Most recent tax return
  • Other accounting materials (i.e. current operating budget, etc.)The VAAAP expects an organization receiving funding from their request to provide a final report to the VAAAP at the end of the funding period on the outcome or results of the funding provided.The VAAAP does not provide financial support to:
  • Individuals
  • National Disease-Related Fundraising
  • Organizations not located in Virginia
  • For-profit organizations
  • Religious organizations