Environmental Health & Climate Change Committee

Healthy Children need a Healthy Environment


Pediatricians are leading their states and the nation in the call for climate solutions that protect the health, welfare and future of our young patients.  Join clinicians across the Commonwealth in the Virginia Call to Action on Climate, Health and Equity.  Virginia Clinicians for Climate Action (VCCA) calls on our state leaders to act now to mobilize climate solitions for our health, and health solutions for our climate.  With the right policies and investments today, Virginia can lead the way towards our vision of healthy people in healthy places on a healthy planet.


Every child needs a safe and healthy environment to live, play and grow. Children in Virginia face threats to the water they drink, the air they breathe and the climate in which they live and will one day raise their own families.

Preserving a livable climate for human health and prosperity is a growing advocacy priority within the health community. The Virginia Chapter joins national AAP and other state chapters across the country in supporting policies that ensure a healthy
planet for healthy children.


There are many ways pediatricians can advance environmental protections for children in Virginia.  Please contact the Climate Change Committee to get involved today! Also find a number of useful resources on this page to help you learn more.  


Virginia Clinicians for Climate Action

This rapidly growing coalition of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals has become a leading voice for climate solutions to protect health in the Commonwealth. 

Climate Change & Children's Health

National AAP's webpage on climate change. Includes Policy Statement and Technical Report, Fact Sheets, links to resources and videos. 


Virginia Department of Health Climate Change Committee

VDH is working to address the health impacts related to environmental changes. Launched in 2019, this committee is developing a  Climate Change Response Plan.

A collection of articles and other resources describing effects of climate change on physical and psychological health and on the function of health care systems, including resources to support action by physicians and other health care professionals.

This organization brings together over half of all physicians in the U.S. through their medical societies to carry a powerful message of the impact of climate change on all patients and Americans.  The AAP was a founding member of this group. 


Virginia Clean Economy Act


The Virginia Chapter of the AAP is proud to have been the first Virginia medical society to support the Commonwealth's groundbreaking climate legislation.  Pediatricians understand that every child needs a healthy planet.   Read more here

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