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Welcome to our student engagement site! The Virginia Chapter, AAP is committed to supporting our medical students and residents through their journeys, including their involvement in advocacy. We are constantly seeking engaged and passionate trainees to help with our advocacy efforts, projects, research, campaigns, work groups, and more! 


Getting started in advocacy and joining efforts with a state chapter can be a bit overwhelming. The Virginia AAP is here to help! We hold events specifically tiered for medical students and residents in our state to network with and get to know AAP members in their community. We are always eager to help engage trainees in new and exciting opportunities that will help them explore their interests and  play an active role in advocacy. Trainees are encouraged to reach out to members and gain insight on ongoing chapter efforts.


Members include active and engaged pediatricians in all areas of Virginia, who are all eager to get to know our state's trainees. We have mentors in all areas of pediatric advocacy - ranging from immunizations, gun violence, immigrant health, diversity and inclusion, medical education, and more! If you are a trainee interested in joining the Virginia chapter, don't hesitate to reach out!

Pediatric General Assembly Day
January 2020



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