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Do you listen to NPR radio? If so, you’re familiar with membership drives. Only a minority of listeners of NPR financially support their local station. The majority are non-members who also enjoy the benefits of the programming. This will sound like an NPR membership drive and there are many similarities. The Virginia Chapter is community supported. Our financial health is almost completely dependent on our diverse community of people just like you. Whether you are a medical student planning a career in Pediatrics, a pediatric resident in training, a fellow in a pediatric subspecialty, an academic general pediatrician or hospitalist or a community-based pediatrician, a medical or surgical pediatric specialist, a pediatric dentist, a pediatric nurse practitioner; whether you are a young physician or a seasoned practitioner, the Virginia Chapter’s mission is to serve and connect our community in the attainment of optimal health, safety and well-being of Virginia’s children and the promotion of pediatricians (of all stripes and categories listed) as the best qualified health professionals to provide child health care. We speak with one voice. We have been doing so since 1934. But we can’t do this without you.

Pediatric providers who are non-members are akin to those NPR listeners who do not support their local station but benefit from the experience.Your commitment and financial support, allows us to continue to provide the great programing and services and advocacy that you’ve come to rely upon.

For a full accounting of what it means to be a member of the Virginia Chapter I refer you to our Membership video on You Tube ( There are discounts for members at academic medical center CME conferences and many one day CME conferences. The cost savings in registration fees alone more than offsets the cost of membership. The Chapter offers programs with MOC part IV credits. Membership offers numerous opportunities for involvement and leadership development. The quarterly newsletter Virginia Pediatrics is a quality resource for new and cutting-edge information and education. The Chapter provides a forum to network and helps shape the development

It costs money to advocate for pediatric providers and for optimal child health care and safety at the General Assembly. And don’t think for a moment if you are a subspecialist, an academic, a hospitalist, a surgeon, a dentist or a nurse practitioner that the members of the Chapter and Board, who volunteer their time and energy, are not working for you- member or not. When Medicaid payments are cut, we are all affected. When commercial carriers inflict egregious cuts in payments or create burdensome processes, the Pediatric Council is there to address your concerns and work to resolve the issues. When the Governor and Secretary of HHS rolled out the Virginia Health Reform Initiative in 2010 to change and improve the future of health care access and delivery, the Chapter was at the table (and not on the menu) in developing strategies for Medicaid, Medical Home, and increasing the workforce- including an expanded role for nurse practitioners.

The next few years will be challenging for all of us. The cost of health care continues to rise. Childhood obesity and obesity-related illnesses and mental health illnesses are filling our offices. Medicaid/FAMIS funding will be at risk. Funding from the state and the federal government for medical education and GME will be at risk. On the horizon will be legislative threats to pediatric counseling on firearm safety in the home, immunization practices, and issues that will affect the quality of health care that you deliver and the way that you will be required to deliver it. If there was ever a time to be a member of the Virginia Chapter, it is now. The adage “strength in numbers” is most appropriate. But we speak with one voice.

When you become a member, you are ensuring a bright future for the Virginia Chapter, but more importantly you are ensuring that the health and safety of the children of the Commonwealth and the practice of Pediatrics will be robustly defended, supported, and enhanced.

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